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Our Code of Business Conduct sets down our base wishes for all associates, wherever we are based and whichever Tesco business we work for. “Our Code of Business Conduct is proposed to help and secure us as we approach our work for Tesco.

In a connected with, lively moving and coherently controlled business center, it is key that each of us handles the gages that we should take after and the behavior that is normal from us with a specific last target to make a phenomenal showing up worried for clients and help Tesco to acknowledge a gainful part in the all inclusive community field.

The Code depicts our most essential genuine obligations and the courses of action that must guide our behavior. As accomplices, we are in charge of taking after the Code. Wherever we work and whatever our part, the Code is there to protect us and certification the notoriety of our business among clients, associates, suppliers, shareholders and assorted accessories. Whether we are new to Tesco or have worked for our business for quite a while, it is fundamental that we require some theory to see how the Code applies to us.


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