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Airways Jobs opportunities across India

Airways Jobs

An airway is a legally defined corridor that connects one specified location to another at a specified altitude, along which an aircraft that meets the requirements of the airway may be flown.[1][2][3][4] Airways are defined with segments within a specific altitude block, corridor width, and between fixed geographic coordinates for satellite navigation systems, or between ground-based radio transmitter navigational aids (navaids) (such as VORs or NDBs) or the intersection of specific radials of two navaids.

Airways Jobs

Avionics is the functional viewpoint or craft of air transportation, being the configuration, advancement, generation, operation and utilization of air ship, particularly heavier than air flying machine. The word avionics was instituted by French essayist and previous maritime officer Gabriel La Landelle in 1863,[1] from the verb avier (synonymous flying), itself got from the Latin word avis (“flying creature”) and the addition – ation.There are early legends of human flight, for example, the tale of Icarus in Greek myth and Jamshid in Persian myth, and later, to some degree more believable cases of short-separation human flights show up, for example, the flying robot of Archytas of Tarentum (428–347 BC),[3] the winged flights of Abbas Ibn Firnas (810–887), Eilmer of Malmesbury (eleventh century), and the hot-air Passarola of Bartholomeu Lourenço de Gusmão (1685–1724).

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